Can CBD Get You High?

CBD has attracted a lot of media attention in recent months. It is a cannabinoid that is found in marijuana and in hemp plants, and it has a lot of useful medicinal properties.

What sets CBD apart from THC is that CBD is not psychoactive, while THC is. This means that if you smoke marijuana or vape oil that contains THC, then you will get high. In contrast, CBD is sold in a lot of states where THC is illegal. You will want to reference a good CBD oil website for more information on how to buy it.

CBD is used by a lot of people as a relaxation aid, to promote better sleep, to reduce sports injuries, the help reduce seizures, and to alleviate chronic pain and stress. There are many in the community who believe that it has even more powerful properties than that, with some researchers pondering whether it can help as an anti-cancer aid.

CBD is well tolerated, and has next to no side effects. It is well tolerated, and some people even use it to treat ailments in their pets.

CBD vs THC – The Science

THC is an agonist of the CB1 receptor in the body. It is the activation of these receptors that will get people high. If the action against the CB1 receptor is blocked, then a person who is given THC will not get high. THC affects people in different ways. Those who are intoxicated see increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, but the way that this impacts people can vary from changes in decision making or motor function, or changes to attention span or memory.

CBD is different, and the differences go far beyond just ‘CBD doesn’t get you high’. The substance has anti-anxiety and anti-seizure properties, so it is actually a bit of a misnomer to say that it is not psychoactive. Being more strict about the terminology, it would be more fair to say that it does not have intoxicating properties. It will still bind with the CB1 receptor, but it does so in a different way. It will actually reduce the impact of THC when the two substances are taken in conjunction with each other. People who get ‘high’ using marijuana that is high in CBD as well as THC usually find that it produces a more mellow feeling, and that they are less likely to experience feelings of paranoia.

CBD will make the high from THC last longer, and it can act as an anti-spasmodic, which is why some doctors are testing using CBD to treat epilepsy in those that do not respond to other drugs.

There are many other terpenes and cannabinoids found in cannabis, and it’s likely that they all combine to produce different effects. It could well be that hunger, and ‘couch-lock’ come from some of the other cannabinoids. Researchers are still investigating the impact of CBN, CBC, CBG and the other substances. For now, though, if you want to try the healing effects of cannabis, but aren’t interested in the psychoactive effects, pure hemp based CBD could be an option.

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